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Moments Of Truth

THE MOMENTS OF TRUTH PROJECT merges the power of documentary film with photography and writing to communicate insights about topics of universal concern.

The Project's first subject, Where Humans & Animals Meet, takes on one of the most urgent, conflicted and far reaching topics of our time: the ways in which people, industries and cultures view and relate to the other species on our planet.

Why do most people support using other species for food, experiments, products and entertainment? The Moments of Truth Project asks people in the industries that use them, as well as consumers and those who protect animals from use.

Project Team

By exploring firsthand the perspectives on both sides of this question, the project looks at the most significant factors that influence beliefs in order to better understand why we make the choices we do.The images below feature a selection of participants in the project ranging from ranchers, recreational hunters, equestrians and animal researchers to authors, scientists, philosophers and animal advocates.To learn more, you can watch this sample video, explore participant interviews, learn about the project's book, and view photography on the Moments Of Truth Project website.

Watch a Sample Interview

Behind the Scenes:

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Buffalo Gap, South Dakota

Buffalo Gap, South Dakota

During filming for The Moments Of Truth Project